What’s the difference between Solid/Hardwood and Engineered wood?
Solid/Hardwood is a natural product that is solid timber from the surface to the base which has been machined to different thickness’s for example 18mm. The surface may then be treated in a  number of ways, from lacquered to brushed and oiled and stained. Solid/hardwood flooring allows you to sand an re-finish the product many more times than you can with a engineered as you do not have to worry about a veneer. Engineered wood has a man made backing which can be made up of multiple layers of ply (multi-ply) and a hardwood veneer on the surface, like the hardwood/solid wood the surface can be treated in many different ways giving it different deisgns. The veneer can also be sanded down and re-finished. One of the benifits of a engineered wood is you still have the beauty of walking on real wood, but in areas that a solid/hardwood flooring is not designed, such as conservitories and orangeries. Both ranges of flooring can be manufactured using a number of different species of timber ranging from Oak to Beech and Walnut to Acacia.With both Ranges you still get the unique quality and design as the surface is still natural realwood, it is just the base of the board that is different.