Francis Flower: Case Study


Francis Flower recover, reclaim and recycle material. They operate from three site in Cheshire, Summerset and Cambridgeshire. Producing a range of high-quality materials for use in industry and agriculture. The environment is naturally dusty due to the nature of the business and what they produce.The site in Runcorn approach Floorstyle via a google search to offer a quotation for floor coverings in the offices, WC and kitchen.



1 Establish why the existing floor coverings had failed and were lifting.

2 Site operates 24hrs.

3 Constant heavy use from drivers and staff direct from site area.

4 Provide a practical flooring solution that is pleasing to the eye.



The action taken to address these challenges were:

1 Inspect existing floor coverings to establish why they are failing and lifting.

2 Establish the less active times to carry out the work with minimal disruption

3 Research the product dust and residue produced on site that is walked onto the floors.

4 Use the evidence from the research to offer suitable product options, together with a floor care package for a cleaning regime.



1 We discovered the building had carpet fitted in the board room and offices, with vinyl in entrance area, wc’s, kitchen and laboratory.The carpet was fitted incorrectly on old vinyl and the vinyl was fitted incorrectly on old carpet that had been covered with plywood. This led to the problem.

2 We suggested working after normal office hours in the less busy periods to carry out the work.

3 We requested a product data sheet to establish the correct products to use and to avoid any conflict Of chemical reaction.

4 We offered a variety of carpet and vinyl products suitable for this environment and was offered the contract after submitting our quotation. We then produced a hand over pack explaining the product Choice and cleaning regime.